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When Donngal did reign as King and Catalina with him
All Calontir did live in joy for arts and crafts did prosper.
Within the realm there toiled with love for sake of Art’s enhancement
Konstantia Kaloethina lived on the Sea Forgotten
With jeweler’s tools she wove gold wire and on it mounted gemstones
But greater still the work she did inspiring hosts of craftsmen
Nobelese Largesse has blossomed forth and yielded rich art’s harvest
Throughout  Knowne Worlde rich noble gifts are made for sake of others
And with each work a friendship grows and also love of learning
And now in half score foreign realms is taken up the pattern
Her plan embraced, the arts extolled, and craftsmen trading treasures
Such wondrous works could not stay cloaked from eyes of King and Consort
And so this day They do proclaim her worth to Crown and Kingdom
And at the Order’s strong request induct her as a member:
The Calon Cross her newest rank, reserved for realm’s great servants,
Shall welcome her with open arms, amazed at what she’s fostered.
She has all rights decreed by law and also Kingdom’s custom
All order’s conclaves shall attend and guard safe all their secrets.
This badge she’ll bear forever more:  The Heartland’s Cross in purple
Surrounded by a field of gold, within a murex bordure.
One twelfth one twelfth the silk good’s tax shall flow into her coffers
That she may see to her upkeep and dress in proper fashion
They further Grant now unto her the arms she has recorded
An Angel standing white as snow against a sky of azure,
Bordered round with gyronny, eight blocks of white and sable.
These things were done in Royal Court, in Barony Three Rivers
The fourth day of the month of May, the year was eight and forty.
This writ confirmed by King’s own hand, the Queen signed in agreement.

D. C

Basileus. Basilissa


Words by [livejournal.com profile] trimguy, C&I by Neathery of Safita.

The exemplar was by the Canon Table Painter from the Gladzor Gospels. (http://www.ellerman.org/vlasta/History/Armenian_MSS/images/Canon_Table_Painter.jpg)
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