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I'm going to be testing one of the scents I got today from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab today: Sybaris, which is from their Wanderlust line.

BPAL describes it as such: The pinnacle of wealth, luxury, self-indulgent pleasure, voluptuousness and sensuality. Bright violet with sweet clove, Mediterranean incense notes and tonka bean.

In the bottle: definitely medicinal. It's not something I would go for. It's almost that horrid cherry cough syrupy flavour. As a scent. I have serious reservations about this.

Initial use: It's still really medicinal. Kuang Shi is also medicinal, but I prefer that to this, as that smells more like a Chinese medicine shop, and Sybaris is coming off as "I have a cold, what on earth are you feeding me now?"

Fifteen minutes: The clove is coming-out, but it's weird with the floral and incense notes. It's really weird. Kind of giving me a headache, actually.

Thirty minutes: Dried down completely. Less medicinal, but still have heavy cloves and that dusty incense. No violet or tonka at this time. Kind of manly now.

Forty-five minutes: Still slightly medicinal. Mostly incense with a hint of cloves.

One hour: About the same as the 45 minute mark.

Verdict: SWAP. Yeah, no. Not for me. Anyone like cloves?

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