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We started off in the Worm Crawl Fissure (yes, we're still on the Age of Worms), and a fight with a lich and his Prismatic Spray sent the pyroclastic chaotic Barbarian to Mechanus, where he ended up racking up a debt because of the mess he was causing. So, the party ended up cleaning up a Mordron* mess for Mechanus to avoid paying the fines, and that's where we stopped.

*(Rogue Mordron Secundus, a leftover from the Tenebrous incident from Planescape.)

The Cast
The Gnome
The Kobold
The Dragonborn
The Bender
The Halfing Rogue

"Vista is like having a blonde as a secretary, it’s really pretty, but too dumb to do anything."(DM)
"And Linux is like banging a fat chick." (Bender)

"I like being fingered, but enough is enough." (Gnome, after managing to resist a couple Finger of Death Spells.)

"The best way to run away from a displacer beast is to run right where you last saw it." (Kobold)

Bender starts playing music as battle begins, specifically the cave battle music from Final Fantasy 1 (any errors in game numeration are the dragonborn’s fault.)

"It’s a warforged they run Linux anyway." (Bender)
"Don’t you mean Fortran?" (Dragonborn)
"At least it’s not Cobol." (Gnome)

"He hit him so hard his grandchildren roll over and die." (DM)
"The joke's on you! I’ll never have grandchildren, because I’m dead!!!" (Halfing)

"But would he be a gay bugbear?" (Gnome)

"It’s called cock waving." (Bender)
"You don’t have a cock to wave." (Gnome)
"I know, I’m Scottish." (Bender)

"No fewer than seven chests of different sizes." (DM)
"I call the double Ds!" (Kobold)

Refer to [livejournal.com profile] lost_in_mowhere’s post: Our Halfling Rogue goes nuts. And while nuts he is more effective at combat than he normally is. So he debates staying that way and suggests that he be tied up and unleashed when combat begins which causes the DM to jokingly invent and
suggest the following item:

Straightjacket of escaping: +15
circumstance bonus to escape artist

This became real as soon as the Halfling Rogue was healed back to sanity, although at this point I think he had become a Bugbear.

On the ever-full purse: "We can hire some Korean to farm gold for us." Bender (I think, or maybe the paladin, once again blame me [the dragonborn] and not the gnome. I forgot to jot down who said this.)

After 10 minutes of the Modron battle, Bender says "Let me translate: The Cake is a lie."

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