Aug. 23rd, 2008 01:51 am
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Had a bit of a grumpy day. Started off with moving my brother back into his room at the college. Saw my stepdad, which was good. Saw my stepdad covered in poison ivy, though, was not. He's redder than a beet, poor guy. Ran into people from church, who asked if there was anything I wanted to add to the table at the school's business and organisation fair. Was told that I needed to have something about Poiema, the Compline service for students. The fair is tomorrow morning, and since I can't be there, I have to do something to summarise it in a nutshell. *sigh*

Ran errands, which took most of the afternoon.

Came home, called people to see if they could take fifteen minutes to model a few photos for the board. Was told that some would be there, but no one showed up, so I ended up shooting photos of my hands. Ran to Walmart to get prints, and that was closed. As was HyVee's photo centre. That sucked.

So, it was off to figure out contingency plan five million ninety thousand. I think it looks okay. Opinions?

Needless to day, I'm a little grumpy, and I'm a little angry with a few people over this whole thing. I just hate the fact that I bend over backwards for some of them, and they can't come and help me for fifteen minutes of a day that they're not doing anything. Bah.

Mean people suck.
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