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Such a fun weekend!

From time spent with great friends and my SCA family, I had a total BLAST. I left Maryville with Martinus about two after knocking about town with the Monster. We got into Three Rivers around seven (early!) and checked into the Cheshire Lodge. Hung out, and got ready for the next day.

Next day was beautiful! Sunny skies, colourful trees, and with an event, perfection. Martinus offered me his spare heralds' baldric, which I thought about taking, decided not to. Got to site around ten, and by that point had met up with [livejournal.com profile] purplellamaboi, [livejournal.com profile] scooterheather, [livejournal.com profile] huscarl105, [livejournal.com profile] rhodri2112, Tadamitsu (hereunto this point denoted as Tim), Cathus and Rowan, Duncan Eardstapa, Duncan Logan, Ruaidhri, Avraham, and a bunch more. It happens at big events like this. Got kissed, hugged, squished, poked, and flirted with (again, it happens, especially at big events). I like the attention. Won't lie.

I watched a few of the fights, but on the whole talked with people I hadn't seen in forever (or in my case, Coronation. That counts as forever, right? It does). That's when things changed.

Herman and Tim were pointing around the room, calling people's names. Curious, I went over to see what was going on (I must learn to not do that at events. Really). Ingeborg said "No, I was on retinue last reign. Thanks but no thanks." Doing my best Li'l Nipper impression, Tim looked at me and asked, "so, do you want to help out?"
Me: With what?
Tim: With Court tonight?
Me: Uh....?
Herman: We'll take that as a yes. Court's at five. I'll see you in the Privy Chambers at 4:30.
Me (scratching my head, wondering what the hell just happened.): Um. Okay?
Tim: It's okay. I'll tell you everything you need to know. You'll just be helping Herman in Court. We call them Stunt Heralds.
Me (Mind coming into full realisation): WHAT?!
Tim: Oh, it's not that bad. You'll give Her Majesty medallions, hold up scrolls, hold Herman's tankard, and if Herman's voice goes out, you'll finish the rest of the court.
Me (panicked): Um. Okay. (big gulp) I better get treated nice. And I might have to kill Herman.

After my duties were explained, and I was told to go sit down and fill up my tankard so that I might be able to get through Court, I hung out more with Martinus and Tim (I poked them both. Darnit.) and did various other sort of things. Martino and Ariel becoming the new Heirs didn't really surprise me much, to be honest, but I think they're a pretty cool sort. Got my hair braided all pretty for Court (really pretty hairstyle with two modified French braids coming together at the nape of my neck and that ended in a low ponytail. I felt pretty. :D Believe me, it rarely happens. (But that's for a later entry.) Being on my best behaviour in Court was HARD. Then again, I'm used to being a brat about things. During Court, a Teletubby costume had made its rounds throughout the Populace, so being on my best behaviour was difficult, especially since all I wanted to do was laugh. And hard. And loud.

The Court itself wasn't too bad. I juggled medallions, a hood, and a scroll for the Laurelling that evening, in addition Herman's pen, tankard, and occasionally the Big Damn Book. However, I had fun. I may do it again. We'll see.

After Court, Martinus and I, and a bunch of Leatherwolf went to Grbic, a Croatian restaurant, most of us in garb. Reactions were PRICELESS! Some had the courage to ask if we were all in a play, if it was like a Renaissance festival thing, and some just stared. (Honestly, by this point, it's become a hobby. Freaking people out is FUN!) Good food, and I got to hang out with some really great people.

After that, it was off to change (I had enough of wearing garb for one day. It was time for mundane clothes), and after that, it was off to post-revel at Duncan and Simonetta's. Much enjoyable. I hung out with [livejournal.com profile] huscarl105 and Ruaidrhi for a little bit, and then it was off to Bardic Land. And there, I watched Ferd get his hair done by Simonetta. It had braids and ribbons and feathers in it. I took pictures. By that point, Ferd needed to make a big crash, ran out of the room, and went to acquire noisy things.

He returned with Duncan and Simonetta's silverware. And a few pans. And at the appropriate time in Old Dun Cow, the din was ungodly as all of the silverware was thrown down the stairs with much gusto. Apparently, it's a new record. For what, I don't know, as I couldn't hear it, having been rendered deaf.

About that time, I started my goodbyes. I was tired. And all I wanted to do was sleep. So, back to the hotel.

Woke up this morning around nine, and we headed back about ten. I got home around four, and right now, all I want to do is SLEEP.

Next weekend is Crystal Ball. And I'm excited to help teach.

Oh. And as I was unpacking, I found that magical heraldry elves had snuck in a certain green baldric into my luggage. Yep. I's screwed.
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