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Yes, I know I've ignored LJ-Land for a little. Forgive me. (It doesn't help when one is with the family for the holidays.)

Without further ado.

First, a challenge from [livejournal.com profile] summersdream.

1. Leave me a casual comment of no particular significance, like a lyric to your favorite song.
2. I will respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to these questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in your own post.
5. When others respond with a desultory comment, you will ask them five questions.

1. What made you choose your username? I've been compared to the wind on more than one occasion, and being a Christian, I figured it worked. :D

2. What has been your bestest, favoritest day ever? Hrm. Probably my 21st birthday. Anti surprised me, coming down to take me out to dinner and with a bunch of birthday presents in tow. My birthdays generally aren't great because of the time of year they are, but this was a fantastic one. A close second would be my first real event (Vertigo) as I felt useful and had a lot of fun oohing and aahing over the fun stuff with fun people.

3. If you could live whenever and wherever you chose, where and when would that be, and who would you be there? Damn, you would ask this question. As much as I love the internet, I would love to be an English or French noble in the middle of the medieval time period. The clothes are gorgeous, and while I'd have to be relatively proper, I suppose I'd still do well. (Am I pathetic? Probably.)

4. Will you ever get tired of torturing the poor GM? Nope. Sorry, Chris. You torture me too much for me not to be able to torture you. :D

5. What is your favorite song/piece of music and why? Good lord, woman! All these difficult questions! First off, it changes all the time. Secondly, it's really a matter of further issues, like for singing or for listening, or other issues. :P I'd probably say that my favourite song is "Dreams" by the Cranberries. It's almost been my theme song for my life for the past six years, and I really can't argue with that.

Now, time for the post-Christmas update.

I love my family. I really do. However, I had a relatively crappy holiday. The boys and I left on the 23rd, and I got home that day. My grandmother's moved in with my parents, and unfortunately, she's a hoarder. So, I got to listen to complaints from both my parents and my grandmother about each other. I'm sorry, but the holidays SHOULD NOT be reserved for griping. I went to Christmas Eve services with Mom, my little bro, and my grandma, and even though I didn't go Episcopal (I have to switch off with my family, and usually, only Mom'll go with me), it was still a nice service.

I also took my sewing machine home with me, and got the tension problem diagnosed and fixed. Sadly, I wasn't able to start the bliaut I was hoping to work on, but at least the biggest problem is out of the way.

Christmas morning was good. I got lots of bath and body stuff, and a few bits of music, including U2's Mexico City performance from the Popmart tour. EEE. I have the best little brother ever.

I spent the next few days being bored out of my skull, though I also coddled Chance (my puppy) extensively. He's not doing too well (but then again, he's fifteen), so I just let him be comfortable around me. He also wasn't eating well, so I had to help him out with that. Getting an old dog to eat is harder than you think.

Throw in a rat found in my parents' pantry, which is in the basement, which is where I sleep when I go home to the madness...and that should be indicative of the chaos of being home with my family, at least this holiday. Seriously, not fun.

Meanwhile, I came home with photos of a petit point that Mom's trying to sell on Etsy through my store. It's a beautiful piece. I just hope it goes soon.

Happy 2008, y'all!
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