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Well, we got back to do more game. It's been a month, but between the DM and I being sick, we have a fairly valid excuse. It was also the DM's impromptu birthday party, complete with a red velvet cake decorated to look like a weighted companion cube from Portal. I didn't take photos, so...you'll just have to trust me. Game basically consisted of the party going through Lashonna's lair. Kyuss worms are not fun to tangle with. Especially ones that eat your trapbait.

The cast this week:
The DM
The Bender
The Kobold
The Dragonborn
Blessed Virgin Gnome

"What?! I'm a horny gnome!" - The gnome, after lopping off a statuary's horns and tying them to her head, in character.

"I don't want to have black hole babies!" - The kobold

"You're so special that you have your own Olympics." - The Bender to the gnome.

"Oh, she's a French dragon." - Bender commenting on the kobold's silver dragon cohort withdrawing action during a battle.

Gnome: "If we survive this, remind me to give the bard a happy ending."
Bender and kobold: "What?!"
DM: "I thought she was a lesbian."
Dragonborn: "An egg roll."

Dragonborn: "This is the point where the DM starts hitting the hard liquor and starts statting out Ninja Nazi Chickens."
Kobold: "Farspawn Ninja Nazi Chickens."

"It's been boarded up in a hurry. It's a New Orleans' window." - DM

"Now he sounds like a half-dead cat." - the Bender, about the newly upgraded bard.

"Dammit. I forgot to smite his colon!" -Kobold, on being eaten alive and attacking from the inside.

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